What are the Different Types of Vinyl Flooring? 

When searching for flooring options, you have many products that you can consider. If you are on a tight budget, or need a floor that looks good but is durable enough to handle day to day challenges, then vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring may be a good option for you to consider. Vinyl and luxury vinyl may have some of the same properties, but they are definitely two different types of flooring options. Cummings Carpet One Floor & Home in Springfield, IL, is your go-to retailer when it comes to flooring and we can help you find the right floor for your home.

Sheet Vinyl

Quite often when customers hear about sheet vinyl, they think of decades old kitchens. Things have changed and technology has advanced, allowing the creation of vinyl sheets with visuals so realistic they can be mistaken for real hardwood or stone floors. Sheet vinyl usually comes in 12-foot-wide rolls and leaves almost no seams depending on how much you need for your room. “Natural realism” is a popular trend for vinyl sheet flooring, homeowners want to capture the look and feel of stone or hardwood, but also have the easy maintenance of vinyl.

WPC Flooring

WPC flooring is short for wood plastic composite, but is commonly called waterproof core flooring. Both are fitting names seeing as these floors are definitely waterproof. These specialty luxury vinyl floors are perfect for your whole home. You can have the traditional look of wood without the maintenance, and it is also popular in commercial spaces. Typically, all WPC products will be considered luxury vinyl tiles or luxury vinyl planks, but not all luxury vinyl is WPC.

Rigid Core Flooring

Rigid core flooring is an optimal choice for homeowners who are looking for a floor that is realistic as possible that also provides protection from dents, water, stains, and scratches. These floors feature maximum durability and design making them the toughest and most beautiful luxury vinyl floors. You’ll get realistic visuals and details that resemble natural hardwood. They are also on trend with the latest styles like rustic, reclaimed, and brushed wood looks. These hybrid floors bring you the best of both such as being 100% waterproof, scratch and stain resistant, comfortable and quiet, and beautiful enough to install all throughout your home.


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